You have the opportunity to flyfishing, with artificial lures or natural baits.

For all modes of fishing it is imperative:

  • to provide materials in sufficient quantity, no possibility finding it in the surroundings of the basecamp.
  • take at least 2 canes and a good reserve of equipment according to the mode of fishing you practise.
  • the ground being quite uneven, it is imperative to use climbing shoes and no rain boots or other shoes
  • we fish between 1800m and 2800m altitude, take warm and light clothes.

One practises “No kill” except if:

– we want to eat fish

– the catches are good reproductors for pisciculture (in the basecamp river and its affluents only)


Fishingperiodes :

March – April : Excellent
May : Very good
June : Good, but random. Snow melt in altitude, according to the layer. At the end of June, beginning of monsoon.
Juillet – august : Far too much water because of the snow melt and monsoon, river in rising
September – half-October : Good but random due to the end of monsoon and the snow melt.
Half-october – beginning March : Fishing season closed