Several possibilities are offered to you:

  1. My house, base camp
  2. According to fished rivers, home stay with my Hindu friends
  3. For the more adventurers, possibility to camp in the vicinity of rivers lying upstream of the base camp


You are hosted within a new building built by my care, equipped with the commodities such as showers, Toilets, running water, electricity, woodburning stoves etc. The House has very large rooms on 3 levels including 2 with verandas, many shaded terraces by the water that runs along the camp. It is located at the confluence of two rivers near the Himalayan National Park in the State of Himashal Pradesh in the northeast of India.


Most rudimentary but an occasion to share a ‘local’ life with my Hindu friends in the adjacent valleys to the base camp.

CAMPING: Much more basic to the level of comfort with however the advantage of finding you directly on spots for fishing. Possible only if the weather allows it.

FOOD: Two hearty meals a day, country cooking, simply made with fresh local ingredients, vegetarian or not. On the base camp you have also access to a kitchen and staff.